Pack EASY for small and medium tertiary sector



Pre-set intercom pack for small and medium services

REF - 590.8980

Plug & Play solution:
– Your factory pre-set door entry station is programmed to call the reception monitor,
– The 2 stations are directly powered (PoE) by the switch.

A solution with access control
– Access card is integrated in Smartphone (virtual access card)
– A secure solution and more instinctive
– Starting up is fairly simple, swiping one of the 3 included configuration cards in front of the reader
– 3 different access modes according to your needs (card mode, tap tap mode, hands-free mode)

This solution is DDA compliant:
– Wide angle colour video camera allowing to visualise disabled people who wish to access the building.
– 3 pictograms viewed with coloured LEDs to indicate the operating status (call in progress, communication, door opening).
– These 3 steps are accompanied by audio messages.
– Integrated audio induction loop.

Optimal security :
– In addition to video verification from the door entry station camera, the reception monitor has a new CCTV feature, which allows viewing video streams from external IP cameras, both in communication and out of communication, enabling enhanced security.

Receive calls on a Smartphone or tablet:
– CASTEL SIP is an audio video intercom solution for Smartphones and tablets. Receive calls from your door entry station and open the door, wherever you are (through Wi-Fi and 3G/4G),
– The solution offers optimal security and service quality and allows you to stay connected to your intercom station.
– Easy-to-use and intuitive, the application is available for iPhone®, iPad® or Android® devices.

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