The medical sector

In hospitals, retirement homes or laboratories, clear, reliable and fast communication systems
as well as systems for staff, patient and visitor security are of prime importance.

Our solutions, and particularly those for isolation and sterile areas specifically tailored to clean rooms,
respond perfectly to these demands.

> Security intercom systems in different rooms, corridors, lifts, car parks (fire alarms, emergency calls)
> Visitor reception intercom systems, night reception (emergencies, dispensaries)
> Counter intercom systems (admissions, etc.)
> Access control management for personnel, car parks and restricted areas
> Hypervision (CCTV, intrusion detection, industrial automation…)
> Complete inter-department intercommunication systems (admissions, operating theatres, laboratories, emergency, etc.)
> Listening intercom systems in specialized reception centres
> Fast, easy to use communication systems (hands-free, programmable redial button, conference calling, etc.)
> Advanced solutions that can easily be integrated into existing equipment (information and emergency terminals, etc.)
> IP technology for voice and image transmission, access control and supervision management in local or remote sites which can be centralised in multi-site complexes
> Water proof and easy clean surface stations tailored for clean rooms (operating theatres, etc.)


Configuration médical

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