Prisons, Justice

CASTEL has a long experience and many major references from the prison system, enabling the company to offer high performance solutions for secure prison management and staff, prisoner and visitor flow.

> Security intercom systems (intercommunication between different units control stations and central control room)

> Centralised communication from remote control stations

> Cell intercom systems (vandal proof stations, lighting control, luminous call marking, noise detection calls, caller identification, etc.)

> Access and contact intercom systems (building, corridor, airlock access, etc.)

> Visiting room intercom systems (with listening and recording options)

> Counter intercom systems (packet/document window, etc.)

> Supervision of communication, access and alarm systems, video feedback

> Audio, video and access control management (code, badge or biometric) via IP

> Stations specifically adapted to the prison environment, benefiting from optimal acoustic quality and robustness

> Bus, star network connection and via IP

> Solutions that meet standards of interoperability and which fit perfectly into centralised management solutions


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