Car parks

Our powerful, professional intercom solutions enable secure communication,
giving your customers a quality of service that promotes loyalty and satisfaction with a feeling of constant support,

as well as facilitating communication between those in charge and parking attendants.

> Advanced and easily integrated solutions for all car park equipment (entrance/ exit terminals, intermediate terminals, pedestrian readers, automatic payment machines, etc.)

> IP network connection for long range audio, video and data flow

> Stations benefiting from high acoustic quality and optimal robustness

> Complete intercommunication systems in multi-site complexes: fast, efficient communication between several local or remote points

> Efficient teamwork thanks to centralised communication via IP at remote management centres

> Security intercom systems (fire alarms, emergency calls), supervision and access control management

> SIP type solutions complying with communication interoperability standards and which can be integrated perfectly in centralized management solutions

> Disability regulations (DDA) compliant stations


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