Security intercom


A security system aimed at centralising and localizing emergency calls coming from voice-activated «glass broken» terminals.

> Alarm and communication centralisation

> Alarm activation by glass broken device or handset call

> Central buzzer for signalling alarms

> Car park audio device

> Emission of industry standard NFS 32001 emergency evacuation signal

> Repeater 0dB module available for direct link to an evacuation or alarm bell system

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Main benefits

CASI meets the criteria defined in industry standard NFS 61950 and in accordance with technical instruction IT 248

It also conforms with industry standard EN 60950 for security use.

It complies with article GH50 of the high rise buildings regulations.

CASI is secure

It detects and indicates all anomalies that might occur in the various connecting cables (line opening, short circuits, etc.).

It can detect from 7 to 980 directional identities by address line

(for multiple terminals per line, please ask).

Call localisation performance

Front panel display direct to CASI.

Comfortable operating

Emergency calls can be received on a remote console with display.

Supervised system

Supervision software allows you to visualize on graphical views, calls, line faults, to pick up-hang up, as well as getting all events history.

Tranquilization function

When a security terminal is calling, an audio tranquilization message can be broadcast until call pickup (factory preset message from the tranquilization module or from an external source).

New IP interface

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