Defence, security

Whether for a military site, fire or police station, CASTEL solutions enable maximum security for people, property, access and installations,

 which is of paramount importance in these kinds of establishment.

> Visitor reception intercom systems

> Site security (access control, intrusion, hypervision)

> Emergency intercom systems

> Supervision and centralised management of alarm (fire, intrusion), access and communication systems

> Restriction management (sending emails, SMS messages)

> Access control management (personnel, car parks, restricted areas, etc.) ANSSI compliant

> Time programming (lighting, door unlocking, intrusion, etc.)

> Intercommunication and distribution of information (conference calls, general calls, etc.)

> Stations tailored to different applications (vandal proof, internal, external, waterproof, counter intercom systems, etc.)

> IP network connection for long range audio, video and data flow

> Secured communication protocol


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