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Since its creation in 1995, CASTEL has always had the determination to offer high-quality products corresponding to its customers’ needs, while remaining at the cutting edge of innovation.

That is why CASTEL naturally integrated the Quality management into the company’s policy and organization.

CASTEL has confirmed this commitment by certifying its Quality system through the ISO 9001.

ISO (International Standards Organisation) 9001 is a worldwide recognised standard that guarantees the highest quality products and services through the application of established and verifiable procedures.

This certification recognises the Quality Management System (QMS) successfullydeployed, applying to all of our activities (design,manufacture and sales of solutions for buildingscommunication and security).

Through this certification, CASTEL demonstrates its ability to provide products and services that meet customer requirements such as statutory requirements, and thus places the customer atthe focus for company teams.

Naturally, the improvement process does not end with the ISO 9001 certification, but will continue to ensure over time, customer satisfaction andoperational excellence.

Nature and environment conservation is a priority and that is why CASTEL has developed a program dedicated to reduce the environmental impact ofits manufacturing activities, while increasing the performances of its products.

This program focuses on three points: the Eco- Design of products integrating recyclable andrecycled components as well as low-power modules;the selection of partners respecting the ISO 14001Standards; the awareness and training of the staff tothe environmental cause.

Obtaining ISO 14001 certification in 2020 is the concrete expression of this program.

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