Industrial sites

CASTEL offers communication and security solutions of high acoustic quality and optimal robustness. Tailored to the needs of the industrial sector, the wide range of equipment offered by CASTEL enables the demands of the most difficult environments to be met

(humidity, forecasting, rises in temperature, ambient noise, etc.).

> Visitor reception intercom systems

> Remote control door and barrier opening

> Access control management for personnel, car parks, deliveries, etc.

> Inter-departmental intercommunication (production, logistics, administration, etc.)

> Information distribution (conference calls, general calls, etc.)

> Security intercom systems (fire alarms, emergency calls)

> Supervision of communications, technical alarms, intrusion detection and restriction management (sending emails, SMS)

> IP network connection for long range audio, video and data flow

> High quality and efficient communications (ambient noise reduction, handsfree)

> Stations tailored to difficult environments (vandal proof, internal, external, waterproof, etc.)


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