Alert notification / PPMS


The PPMS Box solution allows to secure schools and coordinate emergency response plans.

> Improved response time during crisis

> Easy to trigger

> Events consultation to check the correct application of the plan

> Alert the right people

> Inform, mobilise, coordinate

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Main benefits

Schools have always been at risk of major accidents and incidents, whether natural, technological or as part of a specific emergency situation. In order to protect staff and students, a specific safety and security plan (PPMS) has been implemented.

Over the past few years, in response to the terrorist threat, it has been essential to adapt this plan and implement new solutions to help secure premises.

The PPMS Box has been specifically designed for these new scenarios, allowing to coordinate emergency response plans and act quickly to provide a reassuring, safe environment for children, students, teaching staff and visitors.

With a single call (or by pushing the emergency button), the PPMS BOX allows you to broadcast information, alert or mobilisation messages on any kind of channel (landline, Smartphone, SMS, sirens, etc.) to everyone concerned.

The PPMS Box allows to quickly notify and alert the concerned establishment occupants (containment or evacuation order), as well as external actors (police, local authorities, other schools …).

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