Telephone intercom systems


CASTEL’s telephone intercom systems make it easy to set up communication between a street entry station and a telephone station.
Thanks to this high performance equipment, doors can be operated remotely to enable or prevent access into your building.

> Speech access control (call a telephone number by pressing a call button, tapping out a number on the keypad or using the selectable list)

> Remote control release

> Automatic transfer if no response or line busy

> Ambient noise reduction function

> Independent release function

> 7 voice-synthesized messages may be recorded

> Loud-speaker and microphone volume adjustment

> Time delay adjustment for contact only release control

> Time programming for day/night calls

> Optional : additional remote controls, compatible with SIP telephone systems, 8 lines interface, etc.

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Main benefits

The interface with its own 230V supply connected to the entry system enables

> Communication power supply of over 1 watt > Duplex hands-free conversation

> Increased security (release control relay removed)  


A pack always has an interface (IPS2) with 1 or 2 entry stations

> Compatible with standard telephone networks

> Compatible with all standard Telecom operators automatic exchanges  


All functions can be fully programmed from a telephone station (easy and flexible to use and program)

> Automatic hang-up > Conversation length timing facility

> Multi-functional keypad (direct dial or keypad)

> Automatic call transfer on each entry station

> Direct release control relay from the telephone station

> Advanced system  


A solution compliant with disability regulations (DDA)

> With telephone intercom stations fitted with colour video cameras, three pictograms viewed with coloured LEDs (or on graphic screen for PAD range), and audible messages

> An induction loop is directly integrated into the CAPH range intercom stations (possibility to have a remote induction loop for PRIT range stations) and keypads have buttons with Braille

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