The banking sector

CASTEL’s high performance professional intercom and access control systems respond to the specific needs of the banking industry, offering maximum security for property and personnel,

as well as fast and secure independent and remote communication systems.

> Reception intercom and security systems for a variety of access requirements (branches, head offices, etc.)

> Remote control door and barrier opening

> Integrated video solutions (reassurance, aided assistance)

> Access control management for personnel, car parks, restricted areas, etc.

> Supervision of communication, alarm and intruder detection systems

> Time programming (lighting, door unlocking, intrusion, etc.)

> Counter intercom systems, double-entrance security door intercom systems

> Emergency call «anti hold-up» intercom

> Help and emergency intercom systems on cash machines

> Intercommunication, hands-free communication, conferencing, general calls, call transferring, etc.

> IP network connection for long range audio, video and data flow

> Multi-site management by a single system

> Secured communication protocol

> Disability regulations (DDA) compliant stations


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