CSR approach

Corporate social responsability is a company’s contribution to sustainable development.

We have chosen AFNOR Certification’s Engagé RSE label to affirm our contribution to sustainable development.

This highly demanding label is based on over 50 criteria, which are examined according to the ISO 26000 standard and its 7 central themes: governance, human rights, labor relations and working conditions, environment, fair practices, consumer issues, communities and local development.

Our commitment is reflected in our determination to integrate the impact on people and the environment into all our decisions.
Our goal is to maintain a solid economic situation while preserving peapople and nature

4 pillars and 13 major focus


  1. Ensure the company’s
  2. Management of
    environmental and social
  3. Development of the Employer Brand


  1. Eco-design-Reducing the environmental impact
  2. Developing short distribution channels and responsible purchasing
  3. Improving reparability and recyclability
  4. Encourages environmentally-friendly means of transport


  1. Respect for Human rights: Gender equality
  2. Deploying training and developing skills
  3. Work for the well-being of the company’s employees


  1. Introduction of an ethics charter
  2. Annual commitment to a humanitarian or social cause
  3. Local roots – Support for associations
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