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The convergence of technologies between CASTEL and SYNCHRONIC allows us to provide a global security solution for intercom, access control, anti-intrusion, supervision and video surveillance.

> Access control from 1 to over 10,000 readers and up to 200,000 users

> Access rights administration via web browser

> Viewing passages and instream in real time

> Great functions (readers management by site/area/sector, multiple badge numbers per user, duplicable timetables, encoding and printing badges…)

> Supervision and centralisation of technic alarms, intrusion, fire, access control, video surveillance, robots…

> Management of multi-layer plans

> Audio video IP intercom (convergence with XELLIP range)

> Planning and room booking

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Main benefits

A user-friendly and open solution
The softwares are engineered to be compatible with all types of users. The system has a simple and user-friendly interface designed for easy learning and use. It also has a multilingual interface. As it uses an open and non-proprietary database, the solution allows an interfacing (webservices) and synchronization with your own bases and directories.

A complete software suite
Made up of three main standalone software that can be globalised, the software suite offers all the must-have features for your security, including access control, graphic supervision of your alarms, and video surveillance

A multi-site and multi-building solution
It enables centralised management of the access control system. It is possible to manage a system spread over multiple buildings or multiple sites.
The client/server architecture allows the system to be used from several client workstations, while retaining the advantages of a centralised database.

A multi-technology and high performance solution
The system is an open system and can work with all types of technologies, proximity cards (13,56 MHz Mifare® Classic / Ultralight C / Plus, Mifare® Desfire®, CPS3), long distance, biometric, LPR, Bluetooth…
Each user can define multiple identifiers from different identification technologies.

A complete solution of access control, planification and reservation
In addition to its access control expertise, Castel offers additional solutions completely integrated into Synchronic by Castel solutions. Castel has a partnership with Jesplan, in order to offer new solutions to public authorities, for the management of their sports, administrative, cultural and leisure facilities.
The developments carried out by the companies allows a native interfacing of solutions in order to have a full solution for access control, planning and rooms booking.

Access control
The access right management software is designed to be adapted to all types of sites (SMEs, SMIs, industrial sites, etc.). Stand-alone and/or centralised on different computer networks. It can manage from 1 to more than 10,000 readers per server, with a user capacity of up to 200,000 users.

The supervisor allows management and reception technical and security alarms. It offers an all-in-one interface that allows operators to manage all the information coming from the different equipment. Uses a standardised client/server architecture, allowing data exchanges with other centralisation applications.

CCTV management
Smart video surveillance management system, independent of any manufacturer. You can integrate video streams from multiple hardware solutions into a single interface. It can be used as a standalone solution or in conjunction with Synchronic supervisor, allowing a complete supervision of your security system.



XSecur’-Evo PLC Access control qualified by ANSSI         XSecur’-Evo PCL Version 1.1 – French ANSSI – CSPN First Level Security Certification – 2022/08

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