Tertiary buildings

Whether for high rise buildings, public buildings, administrative or community offices, commercial centres or office buildings, CASTEL offers optimum solutions in reception, property and personal security,

 as well as fast and reliable communication.

> Intercom systems for security, centralised fire alarms and emergency calls

> Visitor reception intercom systems

> Refuge areas intercom (secured waiting room)

> Access control management for personnel, car parks and restricted areas, etc. (different companies can use the system thanks to access profiles)

> Supervision for communication, alarm and intrusion detection systems

> Time programming (lighting, door unlocking, intrusion, etc.)

> Remote control door and barrier opening

> Multiple function stations (internal, external, refuge call points, car park access bollards, counter intercom systems, etc.)

> Planning and room booking

> Communication and access control for remote buildings (multi-site complexes)

> Disability regulations (DDA) compliant stations


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