Ip access control for large tertiary and industrial sectors


This simple to use, modular, scalable and high performance solution VDIP Evolution responds to all issues relating to access control, supervision, intrusion detection, time programming, planning and intercom over IP.

> Access control for up to 45,000 badges and 250 user profiles per VDUC Evo module

> Intrusion detection for up to 10,000 alarm points

> Supervision of alarms and counters (unlimited charts)

> Time programming (lighting, door unlocking, intrusion, etc.)

> Audio video IP intercom (convergence with Maylis, CAP IP and XELLIP ranges)

> Planning and room booking

> Hypervision (CCTV, intrusion detection, industrial automation…)

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Main benefits

A scalable and multi-market solution
Dedicated to many different environments: industrial, tertiary industry, military, institutional, hospital, etc., solution works equally well for environments with several dozen reading points as well as those with more modest requirements. The wide range of equipment (readers, keypads, intercoms with reader…) associated with a complete software suite allows to meet different needs.

A multi-station solution
The software is based on a fully secured internet connection, compatible with the vast majority of web browsers. It creates an economic multi-user system (no station licence) and is secured with customised menus for easy rights management and use.

A user-friendly and open solution
The software is engineered to be compatible with all types of users. The system has a simple and user-friendly interface designed for easy learning and use. It also has a multilingual interface. As it uses an open and non-proprietary database, the solution allows an interfacing (webservices) and synchronization with your own bases and directories.

A multi-site and multi-company solution
Based exclusively on an IP network connection, VDIP Evolution allows for inter-site feedback thanks to independent management units on every site. Unlimited reader and point capacity. Different companies can also use the system thanks to access profiles. Finally, as the system is autonomous, it works even if the network is down.

A multi-technology and high performance solution
VDIP Evolution is an open system and can work with all types of technologies: proximity cards (Mifare® and Desfire® 13.56 MHz, hospital cards, CIMS, Agent cards), long distance, UHF, dual-technology (long distance + proximity), biometric, license plate recognition (LPR), Bluetooth. For an easier explotation, a single staff account is supporting different types of ID (physical card, virtual card, access code…). Moreover, the system is compatible with different standard protocols on the market (Wiegand, RS485, Aperio, etc.).

A complete access control, planning-booking and hypervision solution
In addition to its access control expertise, Castel offers additional solutions completely integrated into the VDIP Evolution solution. The Castel Vision hypervision solution was developed together with Prysm and allows a full integration of third-party security systems and building management systems with open architecture: CCTV, intrusion detection, industrial automation… Castel also has a partnership with Jesplan, in order to offer new solutions to public authorities, for the management of their sports, administrative, cultural and leisure facilities. The developments carried out by the R&D teams of both companies allows a native interfacing of VDIP Evolution and Planitech solutions in order to have a full solution for access control, planning and rooms booking.

ANSSI architecture type 1 compliant solution
Castel and its partner Stid solution, combines a high security reader & decoder that allow confidentiality and integrity of communications between reader and the access control system. RS485 TR decoder is used to make reader and system communication direct and transparent (compliant to ANSSI architecture n°1). Security parameters are deported to safe area. Then decoder converts secured communication to Wiegand or Data/Clock format, and transmits clear data to the system device located in a secured room. Reader contains no key and security is guaranteed across the chain.

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